Sen. Rob Portman spoke at training program graduation

Senator Rob Portman was the graduation speaker at the ceremony held June 3, 2019, at River City Correctional Center in Camp Washington, where 11 women inmates completed logistics certification training offered by Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center.

Sen. Portman said, “It was an honor to participate in the graduation ceremony, and I’m proud of the women who have worked hard to prepare themselves for a bright future.”

Trina Jackson, director of the Hamilton County Office of Reentry, said, “This program is the result of a conversation I had with Brian Jaynes of Cincinnati State.”

“Now we are here for our second graduation,” she added. “To our graduates, this tells me you want this for yourself and your family. I commend you.”

The training program graduates, who completed a 45-contact-hour Supply Chain and Logistics course delivered on site at River City, earned credentials from the Manufacturing Skill Standard Council as Certified Logistics Associates and Certified Logistics Technicians.

  • The women attended a 5-hour class each Saturday for nine weeks, and each took two 90-minute tests to earn their credentials.
  • They can also receive college credits for the course if they enroll at Cincinnati State to further their education.

The women are now qualified to apply for jobs at warehouse/logistic facilities in the area after their release from the Correctional Center.

According to Correctional Center officials, jobs have been lined up for all of the participants, including positions with Design Within Reach, Nehemiah Manufacturing, and Club Chef.

The training program was organized by the Hamilton County Office of Reentry in partnership with River City and Cincinnati State, and is funded in part by the PNC Foundation.

“For those coming out of the criminal justice system, it makes sense to help them reenter the workforce,” said Sen. Portman. “Now we’re seeing that some of these great programs—like this one—are working.”

“Cincinnati State has been a leader in the area of short-term certificates,” Sen. Portman continued. “What the College is doing is important for the community.”

(Some information provided by Richard Curtis, Cincinnati State Interim Media/Communications Coordinator. Photo provided by Senator Portman’s office,