Faces of Cincy State: Sarah Miller

An Affordable Start Towards a 4-Year Degree

I chose to go to Cincinnati State for an affordable start towards a 4-year degree. After taking two years off school after high school, I was able to make the right choice by coming to Cincinnati State. I chose Audio Video Production as my program because it’s a field with many different paths to explore, from audio, video, motion graphics, graphic design and more. After graduating in the Spring of 2021, I enrolled at Wilmington College to start in their next semester to further my education.

Faces of Cincy State
I would highly recommend every student to experience co-op work experience as it provides an excellent learning experience outside of the classroom and allows students to network and learn first-hand experience related to their field of study.
Mark McKinley
Par Excellence Systems
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My advisor has made such a huge impact on my life.
DeAnna Tinsley
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The only thing missing for Zac is a student loan, since Monti, Inc. paid his tuition.
Zac Ledyard
Monti, Inc.
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