Faces of Cincy State: Sarah Miller

An Affordable Start Towards a 4-Year Degree

I chose to go to Cincinnati State for an affordable start towards a 4-year degree. After taking two years off school after high school, I was able to make the right choice by coming to Cincinnati State. I chose Audio Video Production as my program because it’s a field with many different paths to explore, from audio, video, motion graphics, graphic design and more. After graduating in the Spring of 2021, I enrolled at Wilmington College to start in their next semester to further my education.

Faces of Cincy State
"I love working with the students and seeing their experience as they learn."
Jeffrey Wright
Cincinnati State
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"I love the instructional part and showing students you can make a great career out of it."
Ray Ellington
Cincinnati State
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I chose Cincinnati State because it is affordable and accredited.
Peyton Fagerlund
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