Faces of Cincy State: Brittany Coomes

Furthering My Education

I chose Cincinnati State rather than a bigger university because it gave me better opportunities. The campus was easier to navigate and find my classes. I also had one-on-one connections with my instructors to ask questions and get the help that I needed in my classes.

A lot of people in my high school made fun of me for going to Cincinnati State because it is a community college and not a university, but I hope others will consider attending Cincinnati State. The lower tuition and a great co-op program helped me get to what I’m doing today and where I want to be. I am furthering my education to become a guidance counselor and help students get on the right path to succeed.

I’ve also had a lot of people tell me they wished they would have attended Cincinnati State because they are having a hard time finding internships and co-ops. The co-op program helped me obtain an internship through the Upward Bound Program where I had the opportunity to work with high school students. That experience opened a door for me to work for the Fairfield City School District, where I graduated from high school in 2018!

After completing my degree, the Transfer Center also helped me with transferring to a Miami University regional campus to further my education. I will obtain my Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science in Spring of 2022.

Thank you, Cincinnati State, for helping me get to where I am today, and helping me gain these experiences and opportunities!

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