At Cincinnati State, You Can

The Smart Start

Starting at an expensive 4-year institution doesn’t have to be your first choice! Your degree can be affordable and achievable.

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Find the Help You Need

College can be intimidating for anyone! Discover how easy the journey to your goals can be.

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Work and Go to School

You don’t have to decide between working full-time and going to school. With flexible class schedules and many online offerings, going to college has never been easier.

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Faculty that Cares

Industry-experienced faculty are available and they care about your success! Create lasting connections with your professors that can stay with you throughout your career.

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Afford Your Dreams

There are many ways to receive tuition assistance, financial aid, and guidance at Cincinnati State. They will help you discover how to reach the next stage of your educational journey!

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Make A Difference

From Interpreter Training, to Nursing, to Early Childhood Education – at Cincinnati State there are many ways you can make a difference

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William L Mallory Early Learning Center
Parenting Resource Center

College IS For You

From a 3-day credential to a bachelor degree, Cincinnati State proves you can be successful at college no matter your career path

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Recommended Resources:
William L Mallory Early Learning Center

Assistance At Every Step

From before you apply to post-graduation, at Cincinnati State you can find help, resources, and connections.

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Recommended Resources
Transfer Center

Co-op Builds Confidence

Hands-on learning leads to resume-building experience

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Recommended Resources:
Veterans Student Affairs Office

Make A Change

Find the career that fits you at Cincinnati State

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Recommended Resources:
Fitness Center
Transfer Center

Flexible Courses That Fit Your Schedule

With convenient online, day, evening, and weekend classes, you can fit college to your life

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Recommended Resources:
Tutoring Center

Career-Focused Connections

Quality education, networking, and mentors – at Cincinnati State you can build relationships that build your career

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Midwest Culinary Institute

College is about stepping forward and preparing for your future, whether that means completing your degree with less debt, getting a promotion to increase your earning potential, or finally pursuing your dream career.

At Cincinnati State, you can.