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FAQs for Registration

  1. I did my registration, drop, or withdrawal online-- did it go through?  When you register for a class, you will receive a confirmation notice. However, you will not receive a confirmation notice when you drop a class or withdraw from a class. To confirm that you have dropped or withdrawn from a class, view your Registration Statement. Log into "MyServices" and select "My registration statement" under the "Registration" heading.
  2. I checked Blackboard and it says I'm not registered (for one or more classes). The list of classes you see in Blackboard is not an official indicator of the classes you are registered for. A course is listed in Blackboard only if your instructor is using Blackboard. To verify the courses you are registered for, view your Registration Statement. Log into “MyServices” and select “My registration statement” under the “Registration” heading.
  3. I moved from Kentucky or Indiana to Ohio. Why am I being charged out-of-state charges? As a resident of Kentucky or Indiana, your tuition bill will state "Out-of-State Tuition." However, based on tuition reciprocity agreements, you will pay the in-state tuition rate if you live in one of the applicable counties in Kentucky or Indiana.
  4. I am a veteran and I am being charged out-of-state fees-- why? It may be that at the time you applied, you indicated on your application that you had not lived in Ohio for one year or more. As a veteran, you are entitled to in-state tuition as long as you meet requirements for the Ohio GI Promise. Please complete and submit to the Registrar's Office an Ohio GI Promise Residency form, a DD214 form, and either a copy of your lease or deed, or a copy of your Ohio Driver's License. For more information see the Military Students section.
  5. Why am I being charged a supplemental fee for a class I dropped on the first day of the semester? A supplemental fee is charged for some courses because of special materials and/or equipment a student may use in that course or in a set of related courses. If you did not receive the materials/equipment, go to the Associate Dean for the academic division that offers the course, and request a credit to your student account equivalent to the supplemental fee.
  6. If I drop a class or withdraw from all classes, will it affect my financial aid? Please contact the Office of Financial Aid before you make adjustments to your schedule to find out how these schedule changes could affect your financial aid.
  7. I want to drop a class or withdraw from all classes. Do I need to make these changes in person at the Registrar's Office? You do not have to visit the Registrar's Office to drop classes or withdraw from classes. You may drop or withdraw online using "MyServices," as long as you are within deadlines for completing these processes. See the Calendar of Important Dates for more information.
  8. How do I locate the days and times for my classes? Use the "Search for Courses" tool to view course offerings and times for the current and upcoming semester. View step-by-step instructions to find courses and register online using "MyServices."
  9. How do I know what classes I need to take? Contact your academic advisor to discuss the classes you should take for your degree or certificate program.
  10. How do I get a copy of my official transcript? If you are a current student, log into "MyServices" and choose "My Transcript Request" under the heading "My Academic Profile." Former students can request transcripts in-person, by email, or fax. Transcripts are free of charge but will not be processed if you have an outstanding balance at Cincinnati State. Get more information in the Transcripts section.
  11. When will my diploma be mailed? Diplomas are usually mailed two weeks after the end of the semester, after grade changes and other updates to records are completed. Your graduation date will be posted on your official transcript after it has been determined that you have met all requirements for the degree or certificate you are completing.
  12. What do I need to do in order to graduate? You must submit a Petition to Graduate form online in MyServices under "Registration," no earlier than two semesters before your anticipated completion date. To participate in the Commencement ceremony, you must submit an Intent to Participate form. Get more information in the Graduation section and the Commencement section.
  13. What is "cross registration" and what do I do to participate? "Cross registration" is part of an agreement between two or more colleges or universities that allows a student who is seeking a degree from one school to take some classes at a different institution, to help the student reach their graduation goal. Cincinnati State is part of the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3), a group that includes 18 colleges and universities in Greater Cincinnati. If you think you want to take a class through GC3, you should first talk to your academic advisor, and then follow the process for Cincinnati State on the GC3 Cross-Registration Program page or contact the Cincinnati State Registrar's Office.

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