Effective Wednesday August 4th, masks are required indoors and in parking garages at all Cincinnati State campuses for all persons, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board consists of up to twenty-two (22) members, twenty (20) elected by the members of the Association and two (2) ex-officio members, the Alumni and Development Affairs Manager, representing the College administration and the immediate past President of the Alumni Board, from a diverse representation of academic programs. Each member serves on the Board for a two-year term. The Alumni Board meets the third Wednesday of each month.  (except for December) 

Alumni Board of Directors

Robert (Bob) Hafertepen
Business Management -1977
Member Since 2005
Henrietta (Henri) Hill
Associate of Arts – Education – 1996
Member Since
Dillon Ruby
Vice President
Culinary Arts – 2012
Member Since 2019
Lisa Dyer
Word Processing – 1988
Member Since 2019
Members at Large
Jason Asic
Clinical Laboratory Technician – 2004
Member Since 2018
Donald (Don) Bock
Graphic Communications – 1979
Member Since 1998
Deborah Knueven Gannaway
Associate of Applied Science – 1972
Member Since 1996
Thomas (Tom) Hale, Jr.
Managerial Accounting – 1994
Member Since 2011
Michael Harrington
Business Management – 2014
Member Since 2018
Edward (Ed) Horning
Electronic Engineering – 1971
Member Since 2008
George (Lee) Jones
Multimedia and Web Design – 2010
Member Since 2015
Ben Klayer
Associate of Arts – 2017
Member Since 2018
Mark Lindenschmidt
Electronic Engineering Technology – 1989
Member Since 2006
Kyle Nared
Culinary Arts Certificate – 2009
Member Since 2010
Brenda Wesselman
Executive Assistant – 2011
Member Since 2015
Kevin Wesselman
Business Management – 2010
Member Since 2013