Alumni Board

The Alumni Board consists of up to twenty-two (22) members, twenty (20) elected by the members of the Association and two (2) ex-officio members, the Alumni and Development Affairs Manager, representing the College administration and the immediate past President of the Alumni Board, from a diverse representation of academic programs. Each member serves on the Board for a two-year term. The Alumni Board meets the third Wednesday of each month.  (except for December) 

Alumni Board of Directors

Robert (Bob) Hafertepen
Business Management -1977
Member Since 2005
Henrietta (Henri) Hill
Associate of Arts – Education – 1996
Member Since
Dillon Ruby
Vice President
Culinary Arts – 2012
Member Since 2019
Lisa Dyer
Word Processing – 1988
Member Since 2019
Members at Large
Jason Asic
Clinical Laboratory Technician – 2004
Member Since 2018
Brittany Collins
Associate of Arts – 2006
Deborah Knueven Gannaway
Associate of Applied Science – 1972
Member Since 1996
Thomas (Tom) Hale, Jr.
Managerial Accounting – 1994
Member Since 2011
Edward (Ed) Horning
Electronic Engineering – 1971
Member Since 2008
George (Lee) Jones
Multimedia and Web Design – 2010
Member Since 2015
Mark Lindenschmidt
Electronic Engineering Technology – 1989
Member Since 2006
Kyle Nared
Culinary Arts Certificate – 2009
Member Since 2010
Carol Thomas
Associate of Business – 2015
Brenda Wesselman
Executive Assistant – 2011
Member Since 2015
Kevin Wesselman
Business Management – 2010
Member Since 2013