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Application Forms, Registration Information & Resources

  • High School Transcript This is the link to the Office of Admissions email. Every year that a student wants to participate in CCP an updated transcript must be sent.
  • CCP Permission Slip This electronic CCP Permission Form must be completed by any new CCP student and parent or guardian.
  • CCP Questionnaire This electronic CCP Questionnaire must be completed by CCP student.
  • CCP Brochure
  • 15 Credit Hour Sample Pathway
    The 15 Credit Hour Sample Pathway is a guidance document to fulfill general education requirements at Ohio public Colleges and Universities. This document is meant as a guidance document, and is not intended to be all inclusive.
  • 30 Credit Hour Sample Pathway
    The 30 Credit Hour Sample Pathway is a guidance document to fulfill general education requirement at Ohio public Colleges and Universities. This document is meant as a guidance document, and is not intended to be all inclusive.
  • Course Exclusions for CCP Students
    CCP students are able to participate in any course for which they qualify, with a few exceptions. These exceptions include those controlled by regulatory requirements of the CCP Program (such as Foundations courses). Other courses not on this list may not be appropriate for some CCP students, but will be guided by the advising relationship between the student and the CCP Academic Advisor.
  • Information Technology Services: CCP High School Technology Verification Form
    Please use this form annually to ensure online readiness for Cincinnati State classes offered in your high school or online.  The purpose of this checklist is to ensure your high school network does not block vital, sometimes required, access to online resources. 

How to Become a CCP Instructor

High school teachers seeking appointment as a CCP instructor must submit an approval request for consideration.  The CCP Instructor Approval Request Form and supporting documentation must be submitted via email to Susan Kowalski.

Susan Kowalski
Timeline:  The CCP Instructor Approval Request review process can be extensive.  Please allow a minimum of two weeks for follow up or progress report. 

How to Become a CCP School Partner

Cincinnati State is pleased to extend partnership to all Ohio school districts.  As the CCP Program is student-driven, students from schools across the state have applied to the CCP Program at Cincinnati State.  The current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Cincinnati State and any school district seeking partnership is available for review and submission. 

Sue Kowalski
Phone:  513-569-5771

Course Eligibility: Level I and Level II

Level I Courses:
Level I courses at Cincinnati State are made up primarily from among the introductory courses that are approved as part of the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) and Ohio Transfer 36 (formerly Ohio Transfer Module). A summary of these kinds of courses can be found here:
Most CCP students complete their Level I course requirement from among these introductory courses. Other courses that also apply to Level 1 including introductory (100 level) courses in Information Technology (IT). All college courses offered at any of our high school CCP partner locations are Level I courses.
Level II
Level II courses are available across most academic departments.

Placement Testing

Please note:  Until further notice, please review the Testing Center webpage for the most current updates regarding Accuplacer.

It is important to note there is a difference between program eligibility and course eligibility. To be eligible to participate in the CCP program, students must have:

  • Unweighted High School GPA of 3.0 (or)
  • Unweighted High School GPA of 2.75 to 2.99 with B average in Math and English (or)
  • least one placement test sub score in the conditional eligibility range, as outlined on the “College Credit Plus Student Eligibility Assessment Testing” chart.


College Credit Plus:  Student Eligibility Table

Partner schools may identify a designated school official and request to receiving Accuplacer Proctor training to be eligible to Accuplacer students in their high schools.  Partner schools interested in becoming an Accuplacer testing site, proctored by a designated high school official should contact Debbie Poweleit for additional details: 
Dawn Wilke
(513) 569-4988 

Students with Disabilities IDEA and ADA

College students must self-identify or disclose their disability.  CCP students must engage with the Office of Disability Services for accommodations and provide required documentation of disability. 

There is no Special Education at the college level.  Educational rights covered by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act) do not apply to postsecondary education.  Colleges must comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Civil Rights Restoration Act.  College students have civil rights, but no “education” rights. 

Additional Resources: 

The Transfer Center

Start here, go anywhere!  The Transfer Center is a resource available to all Cincinnati State students to help guide them onto their next educational path after finishing at Cincinnati State.

Learn More

The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) webpage provides links to information about the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy, Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG), Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2 courses, AP Placement, the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM), and more.

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