Faces of Cincy State: Mya Frazier

College Credit Plus Success

My experience with CCP courses through Cincinnati State gave me an amazing opportunity to get ahead on my college courses, free of charge, and with great instructors and resources. I am a senior in high school at the Butler Tech BioScience campus in the healthcare science program. I am so excited to be working towards my STNA, Pharm Tech, and Phlebotomy certifications this year!

My favorite part of being with Cincinnati State was knowing I always had great resources to contact if I was struggling or needed help. I felt like I was being prepared for college without even realizing it and now as I am getting ready to go to college, I feel prepared and ready to pursue my career goals. My favorite memory currently is the rat dissection that I did in CCP A&P (Anatomy and Physiology) 1. The dissection grossed me out at first, but then we later found out that we had a pregnant rat, and that was such an interesting thing. It is definitely not common in rat dissections and has stuck with me as an awesome memory since the day it happened.

To anybody interested in becoming a CCP student, do it! You are given an amazing opportunity to get a head start in your college career, so take advantage of it, and strive to do your best. There are always resources out there and individuals who are more than willing to help. My advice to new CCP students is to know there is always a professor or a teacher at your school, or even another student, who will help you. Never hesitate to ask for help. Chances are if you are confused, somebody else is as well.

CCP courses have been a great addition to my high school career for the past 2 years. Aside from school, I am a certified lifeguard working at Clippard YMCA and I teach swimming lessons to kids anywhere from 6 months to 13 years old. I teach 5 days a week and I love them so much. It is a big passion of mine. I am also very involved in my youth group and I am part of the my youth group’s drama team called “Shaded Red.” I enjoy attending youth group on Wednesday nights, and church service on Sundays, as well as volunteering in the nursery.

I had so many opportunities and experiences presented to me that I would not have had without Cincinnati State. For this, I am so thankful.

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