Workforce Development – Advancing YOU, Advancing Business!

Did you know that Cincinnati State is the region’s top provider of workforce training and education?  We collaborate with hundreds of businesses in the manufacturing, production, technology, and safety fields to provide a springboard for employee advancement and economic stability.  The Workforce Development Center at Cincinnati State provides short term industry-relevant training for individuals and organizations.

What is Workforce Development?

Simply stated workforce development is the creation of economic prosperity for individuals, businesses and communities by developing, sustaining and retaining a viable workforce. 

Workforce development at Cincinnati State helps individuals seeking to change careers, improve their capabilities or provide more value to an employer.  For businesses, workforce development can provide a steady stream of qualified applicants, improve the quality of current employee performance and become a profit center by increasing efficiency and productivity.

Every year, increasing focus is placed on bridging the “skills gap” in which incoming and current employees are unprepared for the rapidly advancing technological impact on their field.  Cincinnati State works with companies to overcome that chasm of knowledge and ability.  Working cooperatively with employers, the curriculum is driven by need, with the goal to immediately benefit both the employee and employer.  Our training programs combine state of the art classrooms and training labs; up to date workplace tools; real world simulations; and hands-on, practical instruction delivered by experienced industry professionals.

Annually, more than 2,000 students train at Cincinnati State in some of the fastest growing and in-demand fields while working with some of the region’s biggest business leaders including Ford, Mercy Health and Kroger.  Through apprenticeships, certification programs and skill training, Cincinnati State works with businesses to secure success.

Development fields include:

Industrial Maintenance Technology

Certified Apprenticeship Programs

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

HazMat, Rescue & Safety

Health Technology

Professional Development

Childcare Development

Emergency Medicine

Supply Chain & Logistics

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

Something Different: Additive Manufacturing Technology

A shining example of Cincinnati State’s workforce development program is in a field that just fifteen years ago did not exist: Additive Manufacturing Technology.  Now titled as one of the fastest growing fields in industrial technology, Cincinnati State is leading the way for education with hands-on training.  In this field of study, students learn the art of 3D manufacturing.  Mike Ferrell of Procter and Gamble says, “We have a dramatic need for this (type of) talent and Cincinnati State will help fulfill that need.”  The entire process from inspiration to final product occurs systematically.  Through this course of study, students actually experience everything from conception to practical use, as their ideas become actual products.  Companies like General Electric and Procter and Gamble are pioneering the growing field of additive manufacturing in the Cincinnati region.  They use this technology to build jet engine parts and package prototypes.  Companies like these provide the need and the direction from which the curriculum is established.  Cincinnati State has developed a program that is feeding the industry with project-ready candidates that are immediate contributors to the marketplace.    

Cincinnati State provides state-of-the-art classrooms, labs and training centers that deliver real-world simulations and practical experiences.  Training can take place at our Evendale, Middletown or Clifton facilities as well as on-location at your company.  Our staff of experienced industry professionals delivers practical instruction both in the classroom and in the field.

This is what workforce development at Cincinnati State is all about, advancing new technologies and industries by providing the education and skill set development to supply the workforce of tomorrow, today.  Whether you’re interested in new skills for a career change, expertise for career advancement, or developing key skills for your company’s team, our programs give you and your company a competitive edge in today’s workplace. If you are personally looking to advance your skill set or if your business is looking to upgrade their training landscape, Cincinnati State will work with you to customize a program. 

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