Faces of Cincy State: Mylus Edwards

College Credit Plus Student at Butler Tech Bioscience Center

I am a high school student at Butler Tech Bioscience Center and a College Credit Plus (CCP) student here at Cincinnati State. After high school, my plan is to go to nursing school to pursue my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing on a pre-med route and then work as a traveling Psychiatric RN.

My future educational goals include earning a Master’s in Nursing to be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, serving underrepresented communities, and educating young minorities about the importance of health. After I work in that career for some time I plan to go to medical school to get my MD and enroll in a surgical residency in order to reach my ultimate goal of being a Neurosurgeon. At some point, I plan to go back to school yet again to get a Master’s in teaching and then teach as a professor in Psychology, Neuroscience, or Nursing.

I come from adversity and a troubled upbringing, but I have made it my mission to beat all odds, which I have done successfully. I’m quite the jokester, but am serious when it comes to my family and academics! I am a straight-A student with a crazy course load, and learning is definitely my favorite thing to do.

Cincinnati State’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program has helped me tremendously in reducing the amount of general education credit needed to complete my BSN. This is extremely important because my Pre-Health degree track means I will have to take additional courses in order to meet medical school prerequisite requirements. Taking courses at Cincinnati State shows my prospective colleges that I can excel in college courses already, and it has also helped me simplify my complicated degree plans.

The best part of being a CCP student at Cincinnati State is the opportunity to experience and gain knowledge as a college student. Every professor I’ve had has always been communicative, courteous, lenient, and caring. College is different, though– you can’t approach the professors, curriculum, or schedule how you would in high school.

College professors will be understanding, but in college they expect you to be much more independent. It’s up to you to focus and understand what you are learning in class, develop time management skills, and have good study habits.

Everyone should start CCP as soon as you can. The more credits you can obtain, the better, whether you are focused on earning credits to transfer or on gaining knowledge.

I would tell anyone who is hesitant about going to Cincinnati State or starting in the CCP program that CCP is one of the best academic opportunities for someone who has college in their future. Specifically, for people seeking multiple degrees or a more selective university, CCP can shorten your time as an undergrad. It can also give you more time to fill your schedule with things like internships, clinical work, or part-time job opportunities. The CCP program is also great for your college applications, especially when you get good grades in the courses you take.

College Credit Plus (CCP) has been a true blessing to me. It has prepared and taught me so many things to help me succeed in college. I am excited and confident to see how I do at other colleges because I have been prepared in the best way possible, with hands-on experience.

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