Faces of Cincy State: Kevin Wesselman

Scholarship, Co-op, and Beyond

While researching different colleges, the idea of going to a university for four more years after graduating from high school felt like a long time. However, starting with an associate’s degree and going to school for only two more years was very appealing. After attending an event called Parent Student Night in 2006, as a senior in high school, I was notified that Cincinnati State was going to offer me a $2,500 scholarship. This made my choice of college very clear.

I’ve always been a very business minded individual and was determined to earn my college degree without harming my personal finances. When I learned about how Cincinnati State’s co-op program could get me into the workforce in my first year, that was the icing on the cake in my decision-making process. Fast forward 10 years later to 2016, and I was speaking at the same event I attended with my parents 10 years prior, as an Admissions Recruiter for the college!

Enrolling in the Business Management program was my number one choice, because I knew I wanted to study business but didn’t know if I wanted to study accounting like my dad or choose a different route such as business management. This program taught me what I like to call ‘a little bit about a lot of things’ in the business world. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to cover most of the cost of tuition until my co-op job started. Therefore, I was able to pay for school without taking any student loans.

My co-op experience was with the company Employee Management Services, located in downtown Cincinnati, as a Payroll Assistant. I started my assignment during my first year as a college student, a couple months past my 19th birthday, after previously being employed by Kings Island. It was a very welcome change in my work environment going from working at an amusement park to working in an office setting with other business professionals. My co-op manager became a great mentor and taught me the value of professionalism, even at age 19. I am still in contact with him today, over a decade later.

In addition to my co-op assignment, I was a student worker in the Office of Admission on campus. Working with the admission staff was fun and I decided that was the path my career would take, becoming an Admissions Recruiter on campus.

As an alumnus, I have served two terms as President of the Alumni Association and I have served on the Alumni Board of Directors since 2013. I’ve done this because Cincinnati State is my passion. I am certain that it was the perfect place for me to start my college career. I benefited from the small class sizes and individual attention from the faculty. Cincinnati State got me workforce ready and helped me find an employer who was willing to invest in me and pay for my bachelor’s degree that I earned from Wilmington College.

Faces of Cincy State
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