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Engineering & Manufacturing
Gain high-quality, specialized technical education and hands-on co-op experience that leads to high-quality jobs in over 20 engineering-related fields.
Additive Manufacturing Technician Certificate (ADMTC) Advanced Surveying Certificate (ASC) Applied Technology Specialist (ATSP) Chemical Technology (CMT) Chemical Technology Operator Certificate (CMTOC) Civil Engineering Technology—Architectural Major (CETAO) Civil Engineering Technology—Construction Management Major (CETCO) Computer Programming and Database Management – Software Engineering Technology Major (SET) Electrical Engineering Technology – Biomedical Equipment Major (BMT) Electrical Engineering Technology – Electronics Systems Major (ESET) Electrical Engineering Technology – Power Systems Major (PSET) Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Building Automation Systems Certificate (BASC) Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial Automation (EMET) Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Laser Certificate (EMETLC) Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology—Energy Major (EMETE) Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology—Laser Major (EMETL) Engineering Technology Transfer Certificate (ETTC) Environmental Engineering Technology (EVT) Environmental Engineering Technology—Stormwater Management Major (EVTS) Environmental Engineering Technology—Water and Wastewater Major (EVTW) Environmental Safety and Security Certificate (EVTSC) Industrial Controls and Instrumentation Certificate (ICIC) Industrial Electrical Maintenance Certificate (IEMC) Land Surveying (LS) Land Surveying Certificate (LSC) Machine Maintenance Certificate (MMC) Manufacturing Machine Operation Level 1 Certificate (MMOC1) Manufacturing Machine Operation Level 2 Certificate (MMOC2) Mechanical Engineering Technology – Computer Aided Design Certificate (METCAD) Mechanical Engineering Technology – Manufacturing CNC Certificate (METMC) Mechanical Engineering Technology – Manufacturing Management Option (METM) Mechanical Engineering Technology—Design Major (METD) Pre-Engineering (PENG) Programmable Logic Controllers Certificate (PLCC) Surveying and Mapping (SAM) Welding (WLD) Welding Certificate (WLDC)
Arts & Sciences
Get set for a wide range of majors at four-year colleges and universities. Your Cincinnati State credits will apply to your future bachelor’s degree.
Enter environmentally-focused careers in engineering or horticultural technologies. Possibilities includes stormwater management, alternative energy, sustainable agriculture, landscape design, and more.
Public Safety
Serve your community and work in a uniquely rewarding career field.
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