Cincinnati State’s Season of Giving: Supporting Students and Families in Need

As we continue to enjoy this Season of Giving, we at Cincinnati State want to highlight a few areas in our community that are constantly giving (and can be supported by yours). The Career Closet, Parenting Resource Center, and the Surge Cupboard Food Pantry make a meaningful impacts on the lives of students and families.

Career Closet

The Career Closet initiative aims to provide students with professional attire to help them succeed in their future careers. Your donations of new men’s regular and dress clothes, men’s and women’s shoes and belts will contribute to building a wardrobe that empowers students as they transition into the professional world. Click the link for our wishlist items to inspire your clothing donation.

Parenting Resource Center

Supporting families in need is at the heart of the Parenting Resource Center. Gently used coats for kids and teens will go a long way in ensuring that every child stays warm during the winter months. Families with younger children are in need of larger-sized diapers, an essential resource to care for their little ones.

Surge Cupboard Food Pantry

Let’s restock the shelves of the Surge Cupboard Food Pantry! They are in need of items that can make a real difference in the lives of students facing food insecurity. The list includes a variety of non-perishable items, from breakfast essentials like pancake or muffin mix and cereal to proteins like tuna, chicken, and beef stew. Dry goods such as pasta, prepared dinners, and ramen noodles are also appreciated, along with pantry staples like toilet paper. Go here for a full list of what is needed.

Details to Keep in Mind When Donating

To ensure the convenience of students, consider items that are shelf-stable and have easy-open packaging. For example, choose cans with ring openers rather than those requiring a can opener. Additionally, opt for food in plastic containers over glass jars, as plastic is lighter and easier for students to manage. When it comes to fruit, small plastic containers with a peel-able film on top are preferable.

During this Season of Giving, let’s unite to make a positive impact on the lives of our fellow students and families. Your contributions to the Career Closet, Parenting Resource Center, and Surge Cupboard Food Pantry will not only provide essential items but also create a sense of support and solidarity. Together, we can make a difference and spread the true spirit of giving! Thank you for being a part of this meaningful initiative!