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Cooperative Education

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Cooperative Education

Employers or others with general questions about the Co-op Program at Cincinnati State can contact:

Co-op Coordinator Directory (Alphabetical)-2019

Co-op Coordinators

Business Technologies

Division office: (513) 569-1620

Maya Franklin

Accounting, Pre-Business Administration, Financial Services

(513) 569-1660

Scott Holubetz 

Brewing Science, Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Pastry Arts

(513) 569-5814

Brian Hooten

Automotive Management, Administrative Office Professional, Paralegal, Landscape Horticulture, Sustainable Horticulture, Turfgrass Management, Supply Chain Management

(513) 569-1634

Adam Waits

Business Management, Marketing Management

(513) 569-4847

Center for Innovative Technologies

Division office: (513) 569-1743

Sue Dolan 

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology (including Laser and Renewable Energy majors), Mechanical Engineering Technology (including Design major and Manufacturing Management option), Welding

(513) 569-1774

Andrea Feld

Audio/Video Production, Graphic Design, Graphic Imaging Technology, Web and Multimedia Design

(513) 569-1457

Noelle Grome

Computer Network Administration, Computer Network Engineering (including Cyber Security major), Computer Programming and Database Management (including Computer Information Systems major, Computer Software Development major, and Software Engineering Technologies major), Computer Support & Administration

(513) 569-4693

Kim Richards 

Aviation Maintenance Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology (including Biomedical Equipment major, Electronic Systems major, and Power Systems major)

(513) 569-1771

Doug Woodruff/Jennifer Geiger

Chemical Technology, Civil Engineering Technology (including Architectural, Construction, and Surveying majors), Environmental Engineering Technology (including Stormwater Management and Wastewater Management majors)

Doug Woodruff
(513) 569-1648
Jennifer Geiger
(513) 569-5817

Health and Public Safety

Division office: (513) 569-1670

Bioscience Technology

Milene Donlin
(513) 569-1679

Health and Fitness

Mindy Piles
(513) 569-5713

Medical Laboratory Technology

Kelle Fields 
(513) 569-1672

Public Safety Technology

Mark Jackson (advisor)
(513) 569-4213

Humanities and Sciences

Division office: (513) 569-1700
Jayne Martin Dressing
Transfer degrees – Associate of Arts & Associate of Science
(513) 569-4778

Middletown Campus

Campus office: (513) 217-3700

Linda Romero Smith

Middletown Campus programs: Accounting, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Business Management, Business Programming and System Analysis, Computer Programming and Database Management, Criminal Justice, Hospitality Management, Legal Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Pre-Business Administration, Public Safety, and Web and Multimedia Design

(513) 217-3729

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