Placement Testing

  1. How and where to do I take the Accuplacer test?
    1. Students can take the Accuplacer after they have submitted the online CCP application.
    2. The Accuplacer test is available on our Main Campus in Clifton and our Middletown Campus, in Middletown.
  2. What do I need to bring to take the Accuplacer?
    1. Photo ID, School ID (with a picture), or other form of identification as described on the placement test webpage.
  3. Where can I find the hours of operation for taking Accuplacer?
    1. Details about the Accuplacer, including hours of operation, online preparation, and more can be found on the placement test webpage. 
    2. b. Students testing at Cincinnati State Clifton campus are required to schedule an appointment to take the Accuplacer. Students can schedule online or call 513-569-1569 to schedule an appointment.
  4. What other placement tests do you accept? 
    1. We accept ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer.
  5. I didn’t include Cincinnati State as a college to send my official scores from ACT or SAT– do I have to pay to add Cincinnati State to the list of colleges that get the scores?
    1. No. When you receive your scores, we can accept an unofficial copy as long as we can clearly see your name, test date, and all sub-scores. 
  6. What scores do I need to be eligible to participate in the CCP program at Cincinnati State?
    1. The State has provided us with a table outlining a range of acceptable scores for participation in the CCP program. 
    2. We also review high school transcripts and recommendations of the high school Guidance Counselor. 

Advising, Classes, and Schedules

  1. How do I decide which classes to take?
    1. Most importantly, you need to know what classes you need to graduate from high school and focus on making sure you are meeting high school graduation requirements. 
    2. You will need to consider your long-term college and career goals and work with an Academic Advisor to carefully review courses available to you. Together, you and your Academic Advisor will develop a plan that will help you meet your long-term goals.
  2. How can I view what classes are available?
    1. We have created a YouTube video that helps walk you through navigating the interactive search tool. 
  3. Can I take any class the college offers?
    1. No. Some courses are excluded from participation of CCP students. That list of courses can be found here
    2. Other than courses that are on the Course Exclusion list, CCP students can participate in courses for which they qualify academically, based on their placement score or previous coursework, and/or enrollment which applies to the student’s relevant enrollment plan.
  4. Do my classes meet every day?
          a. College courses rarely meet every day. When you are exploring the interactive search tool for classes, you will likely have the option of choosing from several different scheduling options.
          b. Working with an Academic Advisor will help you build the best possible schedule.
  5. When can I register for classes?
          a. CCP students can register for classes AFTER orientation and communicating with their Academic Advisor.
          b. CCP Students can register for classes during regular student open enrollment periods.
  6. What if I disagree with the advice of my Academic Advisor? 
          a. Academic Advisors take a whole-student approach when helping students select courses for registration. If you wish to appeal their professional decision, you may contact Lorrie Cox via email: or phone (513) 569-4988.

Online or WEB Courses

  1. How do online or WEB courses work?
    1. Students who register for online or WEB courses will find the course populated on the “Blackboard Courses” tab of MyCState.  The course may not appear until the day the course begins or a few days prior
  2. If you have never taken an online course, our expectation is that you will participate in the Online Orientation Workshop
    1. This workshop is free, self-paced, takes a few hours to complete, and provides a solid foundation for your success in an online course. 


  1. How do I show my high school my college grades?
    1. CCP students have access to “My Grade Report” through MyServices for Students.  This report includes details such as the semester, course information and instructor name, grade, credit hours, and GPA information.
    2. If your high school Guidance Counselor or Administrator requires grades directly from Cincinnati State, please send the request to Lorrie Cox via email:

State FAQ’s & Website

The Ohio Department of Higher Education FAQ’s

The Ohio Department of Education CCP Webpage

Textbooks and Materials

  1. How do I get my textbooks?
    1. Information about how to obtain your textbooks can be found on the page Forms & Resources for CCP Students and Parents
  2. What materials are covered by Cincinnati State for CCP students?
    1. Textbooks and materials required for purchase at the College Bookstore are available to the CCP student at no cost, by Cincinnati State. 
    2. The cost of materials not required for purchase at the College Bookstore may be reimbursed to the student by the student’s school district, per the school district policy. CCP students must verify their school district policy regarding reimbursement for materials.
    3. This does not include uniforms.
  3. Do I have the option of E-books?
    1. Yes! If the textbook for your course is available as an E-book, you have that option.
  4. Do I have to return the books?
    1. YES! All textbooks that are not considered consumables are required to be returned to the College Bookstore. If you are unsure if your textbook is a consumable, please ask a bookstore employee.
  5. Can I order my book online?
    a. Students who order their textbooks and materials online will have to pay for their purchase and seek reimbursement from their school district. Cincinnati State will NOT reimburse students for the cost of their textbooks or materials purchased online from the Campus Bookstore or any other online textbook provider.