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  • CCP Application
  • CCP Welcome Page
  • CCP Student Handbook
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  • Helpful Videos
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  • CCP Textbook Ordering Instructions
    • Students taking classes online or on our campus need to order textbooks from our Bookstore. Instruction link forthcoming. NOTE: You cannot order your textbooks earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  • 15 Credit Hour Sample Pathway
    The 15 Credit Hour Sample Pathway is a guidance document to start a general education requirement at Ohio public Colleges and Universities. This document is meant as a guidance document, and is not intended to be all inclusive.
  • 30 Credit Hour Sample Pathway
    The 30 Credit Hour Sample Pathway is a guidance document to start a general education requirement at Ohio public Colleges and Universities. This document is meant as a guidance document, and is not intended to be all inclusive.
  • Course Exclusions for CCP Students
    CCP students are able to participate in any course for which they qualify, with a few exceptions. These exceptions include those controlled by regulatory requirements of the CCP Program (such as Foundations courses). Other courses not on this list may not be appropriate for some CCP students, but will be guided by the advising relationship between the student and the CCP Academic Advisor.
  • Official Transcript Request Form
    Students who wish to transfer credits earned at Cincinnati State to another college or university must request an official transcript. It is highly recommended students submit this one time, at the end of their participation in the CCP Program at Cincinnati State. Further, it is strongly suggested students choose to have the transcript sent after “Current semester grades are posted” to ensure complete transcripts when sending them to another institution.

Student Support Services

CCP students can utilize Cincinnati State’s Tutoring Center for free. They have both in-person and virtual tutoring options.

CCP students can schedule appointments with the Writing Center to receive support and feedback on any of their writing assignments. You can meet with a Writing Center tutor online or in-person.

Cincinnati State’s Math Center provides support for CCP students enrolled in any Math courses at the college. They post an updated tutoring schedule every semester.

CCP students have access to the Cincinnati State library, located on the Clifton campus. You can check out books, as well as utilize any of the library’s online resources.

If you ever need help with your Cincinnati State email, login information, Blackboard, or other technology, you can reach out to the campus technology help desk for assistance.

Cincinnati State’s Career Center can help CCP students explore possible major and career pathways, as well as provide support to students looking for job opportunities.

Transfer of Credit

Start here and go anywhere!  The Transfer Center is staffed with representatives from area colleges and universities. 

The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) webpage provides links to information about the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy, Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG), Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2 courses, AP Placement, the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM), and more.

CCP Student Expectations

  • Check SurgeMail daily
    • As a CCP student, important communication is delivered via SurgeMail.  Students are held accountable to and responsible for understanding the information shared via SurgeMail.
  • Participate in classes as a college student
    • Although CCP students may be high school age, or younger, when taking a college course, students are expected to behave and participate in the classroom, virtual or physical, as a college student. Instructors and other students do not know there are high school students participating in the class.
  • Adhere to the rules and guidelines provided in the Student Handbook as any other Cincinnati State student.
    • Remember, CCP is your program. You are a college student and are bound by the same rules and policies as traditional college students. 
  • Communicate regularly with both Cincinnati State representatives and high school counselors.
    • CCP students are required to provide their high schools a copy of their course registration.
    • Careful communication between student, high school and college help ensure all parties are aware of important issues such as:
      • High School graduation requirements
      • Student schedules
      • Other academic and non-academic concerns and issues

Students with Disabilities: IDEA and ADA

College students must self-identify or disclose their disability. CCP students must contact the Office of Disability Services for accommodations and provide required documentation of disability. 

There is no Special Education at the college level. Educational rights covered by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act) do not apply to postsecondary education.  Colleges must comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Civil Rights Restoration Act.  College students have civil rights, but no “education” rights. 

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