International Students

International Student Affairs Office (ISAO)

The ISAO guides new international students on how to obtain a Form I-20 from Cincinnati State. The ISAO also supports international students that currently have a F-1 and M-1 visa and helps them to maintain their status with USCIS.

513-569-4769 (please leave a message)

If you are an international student interested in attending Cincinnati State, you must apply to the College and be accepted into a program before obtaining an I-20. Please visit the Cincinnati State Admissions website for information on the Admissions process for international students.

Attention all new Students! Fall 2022 Deadline for ISEF submission:
New students: ISEF and all documents are due by June 10, 2022.
Students transferring from another US institution: ISEF and all documents are due by July 29, 2022.

New International Students

Once admitted to the college, the F-1/M-1 international student must submit the International Student Enrollment Form (ISEF) to obtain the Form I-20. The Form I-20 will be issued only if the student meets all Department of Homeland Security requirements. The I-20 does not guarantee that a F-1 or M-1 visa will be issued at the embassy nor does is guarantee that the student will be allowed to enter the USA. Find out more about the Form I-20 by visiting the Study in the States website, an official website of the USA’s Department of Homeland Security.

Print and complete these forms before submitting your ISEF:

Current International Students

Important documents and information for current F-1 and M-1 students

How to Maintain your Status with USCIS

It is the sole responsibility of the F-1/M-1 student to maintain their status while in the U.S.A. While we are here to help you, the Department of Homeland Security clearly states that the maintenance and monitoring of your status is the sole responsibility of the F-1/M-1 student. For more information on how to maintain your status, and the importance of enrolling in a Full Course of Study, please visit the official website of DHS, Study in the States.

Importance of the Form I-20

Do not let the I-20 expire. If you need more time to complete your studied, and the I-20 end date is less than 4 months away, fill out the form to request an I-20 extension. It is due 2 weeks prior to the end date on the I-20: I-20 extension form

Working in the U.S.A.

For information about working on campus and off campus while studying in the States, please become familiar with terms such as “Curricular Practical Training” (CPT) and “Optional Practical Training” (OPT). Visit Working in the USA to learn more

I-20 Extension

If you have yet to meet the requirement of your program for graduation, and your I-20 end date is less than 6 months away, you need to extend the I-20. Please fill out the I-20 extension form.