The Workforce Development Center (WDC) offers several grants and scholarship opportunities to future and current students. These funds are dedicated to specific courses and programs. Please contact the WDC team for eligibility questions and how to apply.


The TechCred program supports workforce development efforts in Ohio by reimbursing employers who upgrade their workers’ skills. Click here for a list of credentials offered.

  • Employers can be reimbursed up to $2,000 per employee if their employees complete eligible technology-focused credentials.
  • Designated providers of credentials include universities, community colleges like Cincinnati State and the colleges’ Workforce Development Center (WDC).
  • Eligible credentials must be short-term programs of less than 30 credit hours (or 900 clock hours) that can be completed in 12 months or less.
Department of Defense Grant

Audience: Future and continuing students enrolled in Advanced Manufacturing or Industrial Maintenance programs.

Partial grants are available in the following programs: 

  • Additive Manufacturing Technician: 3D Printing for Industry
  • CNC Machine Tool Operator
  • CNC Machine Tool Programmer
  • Mechatronics Technician Certificate
  • Robotics Technician Certificate
  • Industrial Controls & Instrumentation Certificate
  • Industrial Electrical Technician Certificate
  • Programmable Logic Controller Certificate
  • Machine Maintenance Technician

Questions? Contact Nicole Jenkins, Project Manager, for more details.

Foster Youth Grant

Audience: Future and continuing students enrolled in a short-term certificate program (less than 30 credit hours). Students must be Ohio residents. The student must be a recipient, current or former, of foster care.

The Foster Youth Grant program provides eligible students with grants of up to $2,000 to cover tuition and fees for short-term certificate programs.

  • Short term certificate programs typically take less than one year to complete.
  • The certificate must lead to or direct the student toward an industry-recognized credential for an in-demand job.

Who is eligible?

  • You must have been, or currently in, the foster care system in the state of Ohio.
  • You must be an Ohio resident.

For additional information about the Foster Care Youth certificate grant, please visit: http://bit.ly/2NDLNf2

ProgramCampus Offered
Addiction Studies Certificate (ADSC)Clifton
Additive Manufacturing TechnicianEvendale
Avionics CertificateHarrison
Bioscience CertificateClifton
Brewing and Beverage Laboratory CertificateClifton
Brewing Sales and Marketing CertificateClifton
Chemical Operator Level 1Evendale
Chemical Operator Level 2Evendale
CNC Machine Tool Operator (Machine Operator 1)Evendale
CNC Machine Tool Programmer (Machine Operator 2)Evendale
Child Development Associate (CDA) Evendale
Community Health WorkerClifton
Corrective Exercise Specialist (CESC)Clifton
Deaf Studies Certificate (DSC)Clifton
Electrocardiography (Advanced) Arrhythmia Recognition Certificate (ECGAC)Clifton
Electrocardiography (Basic) Certificate (ECGBC)Clifton
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Laser Certificate (EMETLC)Clifton
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Building Automation Systems Certificate (BASC)Clifton
Emergency Medical TechnicianEvendale
Emergency Medical Technician—Basic Certificate (EMTC)Clifton
Group Fitness Instructor Certificate (GFIC)Clifton
Health and Fitness Special Populations Certificate (HFSPC)Clifton
Health Information Technician Certificate (HITC)Clifton
Health Unit Coordinator Certificate (UCMR)Clifton
Industrial Controls and InstrumentationEvendale
Industrial Electrical Maintenance Certificate (IEMC)Evendale
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Certificate (IDDC)Clifton
Machine Maintenance Certificate (MMC)Evendale
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Computer-Aided DesignClifton
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Manufacturing CNC Certificate (METMC)Clifton
Medical Assistant Certificate (MAC)Clifton & Evendale
MSSC Certified Logistics Technician (CLA/CLT)Evendale
Nurse Aide Training CertificateClifton
OSHA 10-Hour* Outreach Training Workshop – General IndustryEvendale
OSHA 16-Hr Confined Space Entry Operations WorkshopEvendale
OSHA 16-Hr All-Hazards Incident Command WorkshopEvendale
OSHA 24-Hr HAZWOPER Operations LevelEvendale
OSHA 8-Hr Annual HazMat RefresherEvendale
OSHA 8-Hr Confined Space Entry RefresherEvendale
OSHA 8-Hr Confined Space Entry WorkshopEvendale
Paramedic ProgramClifton & Evendale
Pastry Arts Certificate (PASC)Clifton
Patient Care Assistant Certificate (PCAC)Clifton
Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (PFTC)Clifton
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate (PBTC)Clifton
Preventive and Predictive MaintenanceEvendale
Programmable Logic Controller CertificateEvendale
Robotics Technician CertificateEvendale
State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA)Clifton & Evendale
Supply Chain Management CertificateClifton
Web and Multimedia Design Certificate Clifton
Additive Manufacturing Technician Grant

Audience: Future and continuing students enrolled in the Additive Manufacturing Technician Program*

Partial grants are available to help cover course fees. Please contact Jerry.Whitaker@cincinnatistate.edu to learn more.

Fleck Scholarship

Audience: Future and continuing students enrolled in an Industrial Maintenance Technology Programs*

Partial grants are available to help cover course fees in Industrial Maintenance Programs. Please contact askWDC@cincnnatistate.edu to learn more.

Haas Scholarship

Audience: Future and continuing students enrolled in an Advanced Manufacturing Programs*

Partial grants are available to help cover course fees in Advanced Manufacturing Programs. Please contact Jerry.Whitaker@cincinnatistate.edu to learn more.

WDC Scholarship

Audience: Future and continuing students enrolled in any Workforce Development Center Program*

Partial grants are available to help cover course fees. Please contact askWDC@cincinatistate.edu to learn more.

*Eligibility, restrictions and limitations may apply

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