Families play a vital role in the academic success of our students. Cincinnati State is here to help parents navigate the college experience, providing them the resources to support their student.

Want to help your student find their career path?
Hear the journey of a mother and her son:

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Parenting Resource Center
Resources for Students with Children


How are classes scheduled? 

First-year students are required to meet with an advisor prior to their first semester. The advisor will help plan out their class schedule and assist with using the student Self-Service portal where classes will be scheduled.

We highly recommend meeting with an advisor every semester to make sure you’re on track.

Are campus jobs available? 

Students can apply for on-campus work study to help offset the cost of their education. Depending on their level of financial need, students may qualify for the Federal Work-Study Program.  

What services are available for students? 

Cincinnati State provides many services to assist students in achieving success, from the first semester until graduation and beyond! From academic support to career coaching, technical support to counseling, our goal is to break down any barriers keeping our students from succeeding!

What are the campus locations and parking options? 

Our main campus in Clifton offers two garages, off street parking, and Metro discounts. The Middletown, West Campus in Harrison, and our Workforce Training facility in Evendale have free onsite parking.

Read more about our campus locations:

Where can I locate the calendar and important dates? 

Our academic calendar and important dates chart covers deadlines for dropping classes, adding classes, tuition due dates, and our holiday/break schedules.  

How can I pay my student’s tuition bill?

Students can add an Authorized User (Parent or Third Party Payer) to their account via Self-Service:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Current Students”
  3. Choose “MyCState” from the drop down
  4. Log in
  5. Click “Self-Service”
  6. Click “Student Finance”
  7. Click “TouchNet Payment Center”
  8. Under “My Profile Setup” click on “Authorized User”
  9. Click on “Add Authorized User” & follow instructions
  • There is no limit to the number of Authorized Users you can add.
  • The Authorized User(s) will receive two emails from TouchNet. The first email will be login information and the second will be a temporary password.
  • The student sets the limitations for the information that an Authorized User can access.
  • The student can change or delete an Authorized User at any time.

Does Cincinnati State have an emergency notification system? 

Yes, the College uses multiple methods to notify the campus community and general public about the nature of the emergency, how to respond, class or event cancellations, and campus closures. Students may sign up to receive notification by phone, text message, and email. 

Is Cincinnati State a safe campus? 

Yes, our on-campus Police Department provides around-the-clock security protection. Our extensive security system includes a sophisticated outdoor lighting system, telephones in all classrooms, and outdoor emergency telephones—this, and more, help provide an environment that is safe and secure. Campus assistance and escort servicesare also available to students and visitors on campus. 

Are computers available on campus? 

The College provides access to computers throughout the Clifton and Middletown Campuses in open labs and in the Library. In addition, the each campus has wireless access that is free and open to Cincinnati State students, faculty, and staff.

For more about the computers and computer labs, see Campus Technology on the College website. 

What kind of computer is recommended for my students program? 

We have resources for computer recommendations and purchasing here.

Students can also check with their Advisor or program chair regarding recommended computer needs. 

How can I support my student’s success?  

Encourage your student to meet with their academic advisor and to learn about the campus resources and policies.

Finding balance is important and getting involved with an on-campus club or organization can provide needed relaxation, leadership opportunities, and community.

Having a quiet place to study and being able to take care of basic needs is important. Simply telling them that you support them can mean a lot too.

Is there housing on campus? 

Although Cincinnati State does not offer on campus housing, being situated in Clifton offers many apartment and housing rental options.  

Where do students typically transfer after graduation?  

Regional accreditation means credit will transfer.  We have hundreds of articulation agreements with local and regional schools.  More information can be found at our Transfer Center